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CE Certificated 3D Inner Engraving Machine , 3d Photo Crystal Laser Glass Engraving Machine

Categories 3D Inner Engraving Machine
Model Number: QCG-5K-Standard Model
Certification: CE
MOQ: 1 set
Price: 13000----16000USD
Payment Terms: Western Union, L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 150 Set/Sets per Month
Packaging Details: Standard export wooden cases
Laser Wavelength: Laser 532nm
product name: 3D Laser Engraving Machine
Applicable Materials: Inner crystal & glass engraving , surface engraving on metals and hard nonmetals
Laser Type: ND: YAG Diode Pumped
Working area: 1. 320mmx400mmx150mm ; 2. Support stitching and array engraving.
Cooling system: Air Cooling
Graphic Format Supported: DXF, BMP, JPG, JPEG, PNG, OBJ,WRL,3DS,STL
Engraving Speed: 280,000-300,000 dots/mi
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CE Certificated 3D Inner Engraving Machine , 3d Photo Crystal Laser Glass Engraving Machine

3D Crystal Glass Inner Laser Engraving Machine 3d Photo Engraving Machine

Descriptions of 3D Crystal Glass Inner Laser Engraving Machine 3d Photo Engraving Machine

QCG 2D & 3D crystal laser inner engraving machine​ working principle:

The key to the crystal engraving technology is to increase the the laser power when the laser reaches the position inside the crystal and glass that needs to be engraved. By proper focusing, the density of the laser can be below its destructive enthalpy before entering the processing position inside the crystal and glass, and above this critical value when reaching the processing position,and the laser generates pulses in a very short time. So the crystal and glass can be thermally ruptured in an instant, resulting in a very small white , and engravng the predetermined shape inside the crystal and glass, while other parts of the crystal and glass remain intact.

QCG 2D & 3D crystal laser inner engraving machine​ feathers:

1. No strict requirements for the materials and being multi-purposes machine: It can engrave any text and pattern in the interior of light-transmissive materials such as crystal, glass, acrylic, zircon, etc. With the technical improvement of our factory, QCG 2D/3D crystal laser inner engraving machine can also be used for engraving on the surface of hard materials such as metals (not including high reflective metals, such as copper and aluminum) and non-metal (hard materials) to achieve to be for multi-purposes.

2. 2D & 3D engraving: QCG 2D/3D crystal laser inner engraving machine can engrave not only three-dimensional internal engraving ,but also 2D engraving inside or on the surface of the materials.For example, It can engraving photos, children's hands and feet, trophy medals, 3D portraits and various 3D models.

3. Five-axis linkwork (new design for X Y Z three-axis motion + two-axis galvanometer) not only ensure the precision of engraving, but also achieve large-size block splicing engraving with the software settings.

4.We use Gemany Delas Q switch laser model to make sure the fast engraving speed and the finest ruptured dots , so the output 3D and 2D engraving effects are exquisite. For example,the 3D crystal portrait of 30mm*60mm*80mm specification can be completed quickly and with high quality in two or three minutes.

5. Simple, flexible and convenient operation : The fool-developed software can be used by a newcomer who can operate the computer in hours. It can be mass or batch -produced or personalized. When mass or batch producting, one person can operate several engraving machines, saving manpower.

6. No dust and any pollution : Because the laser engraves inside crystal, glass and light-transmissive plastic , there is no any damage or gaps on the surface of the materials, so there is no pollution.

7. Engraving effect can not be altered and wear-resistant: The pattern is engraved inside the material, and there is no gap or damage on the surface of the material, so it cannot be removed with acid and alkali, solvent, high temperature, friction, etc.

8. Energy saving: The power of the whole machine is less than 1000W per hour, and the power of 220 volts is 50 Hz.

9. QCG 2D & 3D crystal laser inner engraving machine can work continuously more than 24-hour.

Machine video : https://youtu.be/T7sPacBX0bs

Applications of 3D Crystal Glass Inner Laser Engraving Machine 3d Photo Engraving Machine

Applicable fields:

1. Industrial gifts: crystal and glass crafts, such as trophies, medals, souvenirs (such as factory celebrations, celebrations, conference commemorative, tourist souvenirs), crystal necklaces, pendants, personalized 3D portraits, wedding photos, newborn hand and foot prints, personal life Wait and wait.
2. Lighting industry, jewelry industry and decoration industry: transparent material interior engraving LOGO, name, text, logo and pattern. Glass upholstery and glass deep processing, such as mirrors, glass interior logos, upscale hotels, galleries and exhibition decorations.
3. Teaching and research: automated laboratories, research institutes and exhibition halls. Professional teaching such as laser and automation, student internship use.
4. Industrial application: anti-counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting products of wineries, cosmetics factories, glass factories, etc., such as anti-counterfeiting code, area code, two-dimensional code, production date, logistics code, skip code and other industrial marks.
5. Electrical and mobile phone industry's electrical panels, mobile phone buttons, chassis, lenses, membrane buttons, external and internal marking of IMD/IML products;
6. Wedding photo studio, tourist attraction portrait production and gift industry, trophy medal production, etc.
7. Other industries: such as porcelain industry logo; automotive industry lights; eye industry glasses, glasses legs; watch industry dial; advertising industry ultra-thin light box and engraving any characters and text inside the light-transmissive material.

Applicable materials:

1. QCG 2D & 3D crystal laser inner engraving machine especially suitable for glass, artificial crystal and other transparent hard material.

2. QCG 2D & 3D crystal laser inner engraving machine can also engrave or mark the surface of almost all the metals (not including high reflective metals such as copper and aluminum) and hard plastic materials.

Technical Parameters of 3D Crystal Glass Inner Laser Engraving Machine 3d Photo Engraving Machine

MODELQCG-5K-Standard Model
LASERND: YAG Diode Pumped



1. 320mmx400mmx150mm ;

2. Support stitching and array engraving.

SPEED280,000 --300,000 PIONTS / MIN
GALVANOMETER TYPEDigital high-speed scanning galvanometer
WAY OF DRIVEFive-axis worklink
COMPUTERWith needed softwares installed

1. 3D Face Pro Camera;

2. Optional (converting 3D portrait via software 2D TO 3D) .





1. 2D Image software/3D Crystal software for Points-Cloud File Generation

2. Laser Image software for Points-Cloud File Calculation

3. Laser Control software for Points-Cloud File 3D or 2D Engraving
Additional converting software: 2D To 3D


1. Professional 3D / 2D engraving inside crystal, glass and other transparent materials.

2. Marking on the surface of almost all metals and hard non-metals.


1. Clean and dust free and corrosive-air free.

2. Humidity:<85%, Free of Condensed Water.

3. Temperature: 10-35 ℃ (best 20-28℃).

4. Air pressure: 86-106kpa.

COOLINGBuilt - in air cooling device
POWER SUPPLY220V AC /1 Phase /50Hz--60HZ
MACHINE SIZE & WEIGHT800mm x 900mm x 1000mm 100KG
PACKAGE SIZE & WEIGHT900mm x 1000mm x 1200mm 250KG
Machine details of 3D Crystal Glass Inner Laser Engraving Machine 3d Photo Engraving Machine

Our service of 3D Crystal Glass Inner Laser Engraving Machine 3d Photo Engraving Machine

1. The company who initially provide 3 years warranty in the world.

2. 18-hour after sales service.

3. All finished machine we delivered are 100% strictly tested by our QC department and engineering department.

4. OEM Service Customized and OEM orders are welcome due to our abundant experiences. All the OEM services are free.

5. Package as below:

About us

Q1: How about warranty?

A1: 36-months quality guaranty, the machine with main parts(excluding the consumables) shall be changed free of charge when if any problem during the warranty period.After 36-months warranty, we ll offer all the parts with the agent price.

We offer technical supports, afterservice person in charge :Skype / whatsapp/ Wechat/ Tel: +8613176441785 Carol zhu.

Q2: What is the use of the 3D crystal laser engraving machine?
A2: QCG 2D & 3D crystal engraving machine is mainly used for engraving 2D and 3D images inside crystal and glass products, which is suitable for personalized crystal engraving business.
QCG 2D & 3D crystal​ engraving machine is widely used in personalized gift making, crystal trophy and monument production, crystal decoration and handicraft industry.
At the same time, QCG 2D & 3D crystal​ engraving machine can be applied to the school training center of domestic colleges and universities (Please see application industries above)
Q3: How long does it take to engrave a picture in a crystal?
A3: The engraving speed of QCG 2D & 3D crystal​ engraving machine is 4000--5000 points / sec, and the typical speed is about 3500 points / sec.
The length of time required for engraving is related to crystal size and picture quality, for example:
Crystal Square (50*50*80mm & 300,000 points): <2 minutes
Crystal Keychain (30*20*15mm & 50,000 points): <20 seconds

Q4:What is the working principle of 2D to 3D software?
A4:The working principle of this conveting software: There are many kinds of 3D portrait templates in the software model library, which can match the most all portraits . After some detail adjustment, 3D portraits can be automatically generated, and the generated data can be used for 3D data of the inner engraving.

Q5:How long does it take to convert a 3D image using this 2D to 3D software?
A5:In general, after training, it takes about 10-15 minutes to convert a 3D avatar using the converting software.

Q6:Must I use a 3D camera to take a 3D effect photo? Can I get 3D photos by multi-angle shooting with a normal high-pixel camera?
A6: If you need to provide customers with instant 3D portrait personalization services, you must use a 3D camera. A normal camera is not suitable for taking 3D photos because the machine also requires a specific 3D file format ( .dxf or .obj ).
Whether you need a 3D camera depends on your business type and effect requirement (3D camera can generate more precise details of the image). If you don't need to provide instant service, you can use the converting software.

Q7: What is the main processing of engraving inside or on the surface of crystal or glass?


We have MACHINE OPERATE MANUAL and 3D FACE PRO CAMERA OPERATE MANUAL, the manuals ll guide you how to engrave 2D or 3D files step by step.

Here, we are only introduce engraving operating briefly, there are mainly 3 steps / 3 kinds of software we need use:

1. Points-Cloud File Generation.

2D Image software: Imput the photo pictures (.JPG .JPEG. BMP. PNG and etc ) to Points-Cloud file to get DXF format.

3D Crystal software:Imputt the 3D model (.OBJ .WRL .3DS .STL) to Points-Cloud file to get DXF format.

To make the 3D Points-Cloud DXF format, you must have the 3D model first, which we can get them by using the 3D design software, such as 3D MAX. This requires that you have the skill of design or 3D model.

●There are 2 ways to get 3D model: one way is 3D camera, the other way is to use 2D To 3D converting software to convert your 2D image to 3D model, then input it into 3D Crystal software to get 3D Points-Cloud DXF format.

2. Points-Cloud File Calculation.

Laser Image:Optimize the DXF points order,get LSS or MBF format

3. Points-Cloud File Engraving

Laser Control:Control the machine to engrave the image LSS or MBF into crystal or glass.

If your Points-Cloud DXF format is 2D, it ll engrave with 2D effect.

If your Points-Cloud DXF format is 3D, it ll engrave with 3D effect.

We ll install 2D Image software and 3D Crystal software , Laser Image and Laser Control well on your computer, and we have machine operating manual ,3D face pro camera operating manual (if you order from us) and working operating videos for you, so when you receive the machine, you can engrave your products.

Q8:Is the computer equipped with the machine an ordinary computer? Is the Windows system installed? Can I use a laptop to control the machine and software? What is the connection between your machine and the computer, and the USB interface or something else?
1. Each QCG 2D & 3D crystal​ engraving machine is equipped with a special computer using the Windows operating system. We have installed various required software and database in the computer. The software parameters are being corrected to the best value and then shipped with the engraving machine. If you want to change your computer, you must install our software with your parameters on that computer.
2. It is generally not recommended to use a laptop to control the machine, because the machine and the computer are connected via a PCI card, and the use of the laptop will affect the speed of data transmission.

3. When delivering, the operation manual book and 3D FACE-PRO manual book will be sent to you with your machine, and we ll make complete step by step operating videos with your machine for you.

4. If you still can not operate it by watching the video, we ll show you via skype / teamviewer / wechat, and most of our customers can operate the machine well within 3 days.

Q9: Can your machine be used for other materials besides inside crystal and glass? What is the best engraving on the material?
A9: QCG 2D & 3D crystal​ engraving machines can engrave inside the crystal, plain glass, acrylic and some other similar transparent materials, but the engraving inside K9 crystals is excellent. If you need it, we can also recommend some better K9 crystal manufacturers in China. Our engraving machines can also be permanently marked on some metal and hard non-metallic surfaces, such as the metal case of an Apple phone.

Q10: Do your laser engraving machines have any special requirements for the working environment?

A10: QCG 2D & 3D crystal​ engraving machines are designed with an efficient air cooling system designed to ensure that the machine is working properly in environments with 10 ° C to 35 ° C and humidity < 85%.
Q11: Which parts of the machine are easily worn out? How often do I need to replace them?
A11:In fact, there are no fragile accessories in our machines, the only consumables, laser semiconductor modules. The semiconductor module has a working life of more than 20,000 hours. Under normal conditions, the module can be used for 4-5 years to engrave approximately 400,000pic of 50x50x80mm crystals. After 4-5 years of use, a new semiconductor module needs to be replaced. After the replacement, the machine starts working normally as a new machine.

Q12: Daily maintenance and precautions?


QCG 2D & 3D crystal laser inner engraving machine is a precision equipment and requires extra care during maintenance.

1. Power on and off the machine according to the requirements, and check the exhaust air cooling system of the machine before working.

2. During the operation of the machine, it is forbidden to remove any components, and forbidden to pick up any signal lines, such as the scanning galvanometer signal line output by the computer control card.

3. After the machine is powered on, it can't be shaken, and don't use the mobile phone within 2 meters of the machine, because the mobile phone signal will interfere with the galvanometer.

4. After finishing work, clean the environment first, make the working environment dust-free, clean, and then clean the equipment, including the outer surface of the mainframe, the outer surface of the control cabinet, the cover of the optical system, and the work surface.

5. Do not move the machine casually. If you need to move, you must turn off all power. After moving, each line and control card must be checked to see if it is connected properly.

6. You cannot change the hardware setting information of the computer at will, and the control card will be damaged due to incorrect settings.

7. The best environment is in an air-conditioned environment, no dust, no moisture, room temperature at 20-28℃ is the best working condition, too high temperature and excessive humidity will cause laser damage.

Q13: Delivery time

A13: General configuration:10-13 days. Customized:15-20 working days.

Quality CE Certificated 3D Inner Engraving Machine , 3d Photo Crystal Laser Glass Engraving Machine for sale
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