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New in Stock Honeywell C645C1004 Pressure Control Switch - grandlyauto@163.com

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Place of Origin: USA
Brand Name: Honeywell
Model Number: C645C1004
Delivery Time: in stock
Certification: Honeywell
MOQ: 1
Price: 1~1000 USD
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 2
Packaging Details: new
Email: grandlyauto@163.com
part no.: C645C1004
product name: Pressure Control Switch
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New in Stock Honeywell C645C1004 Pressure Control Switch - grandlyauto@163.com

Grandly Automation Ltd
Attn: Ms. Megan
Skype: grandlyauto
Email: grandlyauto@163.com

New in Stock Honeywell C645C1004 Pressure Control Switch - grandlyauto@163.com

Part No.C645C1004
Product NamePressure Control Switch

Honeywell Supplier - Grandly Automation Ltd

Provide many hard-to-find Honeywell TDC2000 & TDC3000 parts
Current Parts Inventory Includes:
TDC 3000
TDC 2000
TPS System
LCN Processors & LCNP4 Boards
Advanced Process Manager - APM
Process Manager - PM
High Performance Process Manager - HPM
Network Interface Module - NIM
Highway Gateways - HG
Advanced Multifunction Controller - AMC
IOP's and FTA's
Universal Station Parts

Grandly Automation Ltd is a leader in the industrial automation field, we can supply what you need, whether latest technology or obsoleted products.
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Main Brands:
Honeywell Emerson GE Fanuc ABB Allen Bradley Reliance Westinghouse Ovation Mitsubishi Fisher Rosemount Invensys Foxboro Schneider Modicon Squre D Azbil Yamateke Omron Siemens Yokogawa Norgren Fuji SMC AE and more...

Manufacture: Honeywell

Honeywell Model No. SPS5710 Power Supply
Honeywell Part No. 51199929-100 Power Supply
Honeywell Model No. SPS5710-2-LF Power Supply
Honeywell Part No. 51198685-100 Power Supply
Honeywell Model No. SPS5711 battery charger
Honeywell Part No. 51199931-100 batter charger
Honeywell Model No. SPS5713 MAIN POWER RACK
Honeywell Part No. 51199930-100 MAIN POWER RACK

Honeywell FC-BKM-0001 Battery And Key Switch Module

Honeywell 1HT1 Micro Switch

Honeywell Q7800B1003 Burner Control Universal Wiring Subbase - Burner Mount

Honeywell R7847A1033 Rectification Flame Amplifier

Honeywell TC-CCN013 Logix Redundant Control Net Interface Module

Honeywell TC-CCR014 Redundant Net Interface Module

Honeywell TC-PRR021 Redundancy Module

Honeywell CC-TFB401 Circuit Card FIM 4 IOTA PWA 51308309-175

Honeywell TK-FTEB01 FTE Bridge Redundancy Module

Weidmuller FS-TSDI-16UNI E168320 Module



Honeywell TC-CEN021 Ethernet Interface Module

Honeywell SPS5713 51199930-100 TDI Power Transistor Devices Main Rack

Honeywell TC-IAH161 Analog Input Module 16 CHANNEL 24 V DC

Honeywell 51308047-100 TOUCH SCREEN DATA CABLE

Honeywell GN-KRR011 REDUNDANT FIBRE OPTIC CABLE 51204147-001


Honeywell TK-CCR014 Power CNI Card RED Media MODULE

Honeywell TK-IAH161 Analog Input MODULE

Honeywell FSC 10024/H/F Enhanced COM Module

Honeywell 51198685-100 Power Supply Module

Honeywell 51154724-200 Modbus Read-only Firewall

Honeywell 51451326-504 PH PROBE Sensor

Honeywell 51199932-200 Module RAM Charger Memory Backup

Honeywell TC-PRS021 C200 Control Processor Module 51404305-225

Honeywell TK-PRR021 Redundancy Module 51309288-275

Honeywell TK-ODD321 Experion DC Output Module


Honeywell TK-PPD011 Battery Extension Module

Honeywell TK-FXX132 Chassis 13 Slot Rack

Honeywell 51402497-200 Enhanced Operator Keyboard

Honeywell TK-OAV081 Analog Output Module

Honeywell TC-OAV081 Analog Output Card

Honeywell C7012E 1104 UV Flame Detector

Honeywell 10215/2/1 Fail-Safe Digital Output Module

Honeywell C645C1004 Pressure Control Switch

Honeywell 2108B2001 Infrared Fixed Gas Detector

Honeywell TC-FXX102 Rack 10 Slot Chassis Processor

Honeywell TC-PPD011 Battery Extension Module

Honeywell 51309241-175 Battery Extension Module

Honeywell MC-PAOY22 Analog Output Processor

Honeywell 80363969-150 Analog Output Processor

Honeywell TC-IDD321 Input Module 24VDC

Honeywell SDO-0824 Digital Output Module

Honeywell FC-SDO-0824 Digital Output Module

Honeywell TC-IDJ161 Digital Input Module

Honeywell TC-RPCXX1 Redundant Power Supply

Honeywell 51198685-100 Power Supply Module

51107137-101 Fuse, 1.6 Amp
51107137-102 Fuse, 1.25 Amp
51107137-103 Fuse, 3.15 Amp
51107142-105 Printhead, ASPI 46 Printer
51107142-125 Fuse, 1.6 Amp
51107143-102 CRT Board, Aydin FSP-001
51107144-101 Fuse, 3 Amp, 250V
51107595-100 Pwr Supply, WDC
51107998-100 I/O Card, Floppy Disk
51108088-100 PWA, DHI I/O
51108088-200 PWA, DHI I/O Adapter
51108305-700 Ptr Ribbon, ASPI 41
51108609-100 Label, White (for Cable marking)
51108623-100 Leveler Guide, Classic Console
51108687-100 Latchkeeper
51108800-100 Drive, Wren I
51109153-400 PCB, CRT Socket
51109169-018 Ground Cable
51109399-100 Touchscreen Brush
51190517-100 PWA, Annunciator Term
51190584-216 Fuse, 1.6 Amp Slo-Blow
51190584-225 Fuse, 2.5 Amp Slo-Blow
51190721-205 Connector, Grounding Service
51190728-105 Tee Connector, LCN Coax
51190826-300 Programming Jumper, Insulated
51190876-100 Fan, Rotron
51190884-102 Key, Single-Sided Supervisory
51190896-100 Cable Set, Mini-Coax
51190896-200 Cable Set, Mini-Coax
51190921-100 Pwr Cord, 110V, 2 Meter
51190921-200 Pwr Cord, 220V, 2M
51190924-100 HOOTER HORN
51190985-300 Fan, DC 3.62in
51191510-100 Replacement Kit, IKB F/Ware
51191554-100 MAU Insulator
51191560-200 Hard Drive, 875MB, Dual Logical
51191561-100 SPC Firmware Upgrade Kit
51191783-100 Cable, MAU
51191784-100 Cable, CRT Signal
51191784-300 Cable, CRT Signal, 10ft
51191785-100 HP Dat Adapter
51191814-100 Dat 4mm Tape, Blank
51191839-100 Power Cable Jumper Cord
51191902-102 Ferrite Core
51191982-100 Connector Plug, SCSI Term
51192054-101 Cable, SCSI, IM
51192054-103 Cable, SCSI, 3M
51192054-104 Cable, SCSI, 1.5M
51192091-124 PWA, 24V Pwr Supply
51192126-200 Cable, CRT Signal, EC
51192126-400 Cable, CRT w/Ferrite
51195091-700 Ptr Ribbon, ASPI 46
51195096-100 I/O Card, PLCI
51195096-200 I/O Card, PLCI, EC
51195124-100 Fan Assy
51195124-200 Fan Assy
51195156-300 Drive, 20MB Cartridge
51195178-100 SCSI Bus Term
51195440-002 Cable, Fiber Optic Pre-Terminated, 2M
51195440-005 Cable, Fiber Optic Pre-Terminated, 5M
51195440-010 Cable, Fiber Optic Pre-Terminated, 10M
51195440-020 Cable, Fiber Optic Pre-Terminated, 20M
51195440-050 Cable, Fiber Optic Pre-Terminated, 50M
51195454-200 Label Kit, LCNA and LCNB Cables
51195466-300 Grounding Strap
51195466-400 Grounding Strap
51195497-002 Cable Set, Fiber Optic ST/SMA, 2M
51195497-005 Cable Set, Fiber Optic ST/SMA, 5M
51195497-010 Cable Set, Fiber Optic ST/SMA, 10M
51195497-020 Cable Set, Fiber Optic ST/SMA, 20M
51195497-050 Cable Set, Fiber Optic ST/SMA, 50M
51195498-005 Cable Set, Fiber Optic ST/ST, 5M
51195498-010 Cable Set, Fiber Optic ST/ST, 10M
51195498-020 Cable Set, Fiber Optic, ST/ST, 20M
51195498-050 Cable Set, Fiber Optic ST/ST, 50M
51195754-100 Cable, K2LCN Ground
51195760-100 Replacement Kit, NIM Modem
51195870-100 Locking Tab
51195904-106 CRT I/F CABLE
51195904-112 Cable, CRT/Copier, 12ft
51195904-206 Cable, CRT/Copier
51196074-100 Cable, EPLCG Interlink
51196214-145 Load Resistor
51196226-100 Adapter Plate
51196267-100 Trackball Replacement Kit
51196418-400 Battery, UxS/AxM Clock
51196468-100 Kit, Load Bank
51196485-400 Cartridge, 150MB for LCN
51196485-500 Cleaning kit, 150MB Cartridge Drive
51196488-101 Cable, AM Redundancy
51196650-100 Kybd Beeper Assy
51196653-100 Pwr Supply, 5 Slot File, EC
51196654-100 Pwr Supply, 10 Slot File, EC
51196655-100 Power Supply, Dual Node, EC
51196692-100 Card File, Spare 5 Slot Enh, EC
51196694-150 Kybd, IKB w/o Trackball, Z Console
51196694-200 Kybd, IKB w/Trackball, Desktop
51196694-250 Kybd, IKB w/Trackball, Z Console
51196694-300 Kybd, IKB w/Trackball, PS/2, Desktop
51196694-904 Kybd, IKB Full-Travel
51196694-905 Keycaps, w/legend for IKB Univ kybd
51196694-906 Keycaps, w/o legend for IKB Univ kybd
51196694-907 Control Panel, IKB Operator Membrane
51196694-908 Function Key Panel, IKB Membrane
51196694-909 Function Key Panel, IKB for Z Console
51196694-910 Operator Keyswitch w/Keys, IKB kybd
51196694-912 Cable, IKB Desktop Kybd, 36in
51196694-913 Cable, IKB Z-Console Kybd, 72in
51196694-914 Cable, IKB Desktop Trackball, 72in
51196694-915 Cable, IKB Z-Console Trackball, 36in
51196694-917 Cursor Blanking Plt
51196694-922 PCB, IKB S/Mount Controller, Summagraphics
51196712-200 Kybd, Gray Roving Engineering
51196714-100 Trackball, Micro
51196727-100 Card File, Dual Node, Classic
51196728-100 Card File, Dual Node, Z Console, EC
51196729-100 Card File, 5 Slot Z Console, EC
51196730-100 Card File, 3/3/2/2 Classic, EC
51196736-100 Card File, 10 Slot Classic
51197004-200 Pwr Supply, Skynet Peripheral
51197004-300 Pwr Supply, Upper Pod
51197008-100 Bumper
51197013-200 Touchscreen, 21in, w/9 pin din connector
51197013-202 Touchscreen, 21in, w/Phone Connector
51197015-200 Touchscreen, LCN 21in, EC
51197025-100 Leveling Glide, Z-Console
51197047-100 S/D Filler Plate
51197066-100 Filter, Power Entry
51197103-108 KIT, RETROFIT SMT IKB F/W #98-08
51197103-111 KIT, RETROFIT 2001-03, 19IN TOUCHSCREEN
51197173-100 Thermostat, Rittal TS8 Cabinet
51197555-300 Cabinet Key, LCN Aux.
51198779-300 Roof Fan, 120VAC, for Rittal TS8808 LCN Cabinet
51198779-301 Roof Fan, 240VAC/50/60HZ, for Rittal TS8808 LCN Cab
51199164-100 Pwr Supply Repl Kit, Floppy Drive
51199202-100 Retrofit 99-04 MAU Insul Installation
51201201-100 Air Filter, 29.13in x 6.70in x 1.00in
51201201-500 Air Filter, 20.81in x 8.72in x .50in
51201201-700 Air Filter, 12.50in x 14.12in x .62in
51201201-800 Air Filter, 17.80in x 3.90in x .62in
51201201-900 AIR FILTER, 21.87IN x 4.37IN x .75IN
51201201-901 Air Filter, 10.97in x 27.00in x .50in
51201201-902 Air Filter, 22.97in x 17.00in x .50in
51201248-200 BLANK PANEL, 3.5IN (8.81CM) 2U BLACK
51201248-300 BLANK PANEL, 5.22IN (13.26CM) 3U BLACK
51201248-400 BLANK PANEL, 6.97IN (17.7CM) 4U BLACK
51201254-100 Support Bar
51201261-100 Complex Strap
51201262-100 Kybd Clamp Bar, Classic
51201271-100 Thumbwheel
51201274-100 Support Plate
51201275-100 Cover Retainer
51201280-100 CRT Stop Bar
51201288-100 Ground Block
51201298-290 GROUND CABLE
51201436-300 Pwr Supply, 5 Slot
51201436-400 Pwr Supply, 10 Slot
51201438-100 Bracket, Fan Guide
51201645-400 K4 Mezzanine, 4MW
51201759-160 K4 Mezzanine, 16MW
51201762-100 Bracket, Disk Mount
51201786-100 Bracket, IKB Bumper
51201793-160 K4 Mezzanine, 16MW
51201795-400 K4 Mezzanine, 4MW
51201821-100 Bracket, Retainer
51202026-100 Retainer Block, CRT
51202027-100 Cable Cover
51206056-100 Air Filter, XC3000 Cardfile
51302287-100 Cable, Micro Touchscreen I/F
51303404-056 Cable, Floppy Drive Power
51303409-122 Cable, Kybd
51303409-305 Cable, Kybd
51303411-077 Cable, Floppy Drive Power
51303413-150 Cable, Touchscreen/Kybd
51303415-010 Cable, Kybd Clicker
51303420-152 Cable, Module Status
51303420-581 Cable, Module Status
51303420-622 Cable, Module Status
51303421-152 Power Cord, 125V AC, 5ft
51303422-088 Cable, Dual Floppy DC
51303423-087 Cable, Dual Floppy AC
51303424-092 Cable, DC Power
51303501-100 Angle Bracket
51303508-100 Power Cord, 110V AC for non-EC Pwr Supply
51303508-200 Power Cord, 220V AC for non-EC Pwr Supply
51303509-100 Cover, Kybd Hinged
51303513-400 Blank Window, Horizontal
51303521-100 BAFFLE, AIR DUCT 1.72X15.80IN
51303521-300 Air Duct Baffle
51303521-400 Air Duct Baffle
51303534-190 Cable, Winch Command
51303535-097 Cable, Wren II Data
51303549-100 Cable, Fan Power
51303625-019 Cable, Winchester DC Power, 19cm
51303628-305 Cable, Floppy Disk
51303628-762 Cable, Floppy Disk
51303629-152 Power Cord, 230V, 5ft
51303631-005 Cable, LCN Printer, 5M
51303631-008 Cable, LCN Printer 8M
51303631-010 Cable, LCN Printer 10M
51303632-031 Cable, Switched AC
51303633-022 Cable, Trend AC Power
51303636-304 Cable, Trend I/F, 10ft
51303641-044 Cable, DC Trend
51303642-300 Annunciator TB Assy
51303642-500 Annunciator TB Assy
51303646-100 Kybd Bezel, Blank
51303651-100 Front Plate
51303654-092 Cable, 115V AC, 3ft
51303654-304 Cable, 125V Power
51303658-100 Front Plate Mtg Brkt, Left
51303659-100 Blank Panel, Floppy
51303663-100 Bracket, CRT Tray, Left
51303663-200 Bracket, CRT Tray, Right
51303672-100 Complex Strap, Front
51303799-300 Power Cord, 115V, 4ft
51303816-100 Cable, Printer Ext, 115V
51303818-200 Lower Hinge, Rear Door
51303849-100 Mounting Bracket, Floppy Drive
51303849-200 Mounting Bracket, Floppy Drive
51303880-100 Cable, Trend I/F
51304029-092 Keylock/Switch Assy
51304030-150 Cable, Smart Frame Data
51304030-300 Cable, Smart Frame Data, 300cm
51304031-150 Cable, Smart Frame Power
51304031-300 Cable, Smart Frame Power
51304032-003 Cable, UWS Supervisory Kybd
51304033-045 Cable, Mouse
51304036-051 Cable, UWS Kybd I/F
51304039-122 Cable, UWS Floppy DC Power
51304047-652 Cable, Annunciator, 22 AWG
51304156-100 I/O Card, SPC
51304159-100 I/O Card, AM Redundancy
51304159-200 I/O Card, AM Redundancy, EC
51304188-202 Cable, Fiber Optic Clock
51304191-100 Cable, Single Winchester I/F
51304191-200 Cable, Single SPX/Wren III
51304191-300 Cable, Single Winchester I/F
51304192-100 Cable, Dual Wren III
51304193-100 Cable, Wren III I/F
51304194-100 Cable, Wren III I/F
51304197-100 Cable, AM/TPDG I/F
51304198-100 Cable, AM Redundancy
51304199-201 Cable, Ctdg Disk I/F, 3M
51304199-300 Cable, Ctdg Disk I/F, 1M
51304203-100 Mounting Bracket, Pwr Supply
51304208-100 Mounting Bracket, Floppy Drive
51304212-100 Filter Retainer
51304290-100 Cable, CSR
51304374-100 Power Cord, 115V
51304374-200 Power Cord, 230V
51304392-100 Cable, Disk Power
51304396-100 Cable, Ctdg Disk I/F, non-EC
51304396-200 Cable, Ctdg Disk I/F, non-EC
51304398-100 Mounting Bracket, Disk Drive, Left
51304398-200 Mounting Bracket, Disk Drive, Right
51304399-200 Cable, 14in UWS CRT, 15pin to 9pin
51304421-200 I/O Card, PLCG Relay, EC
51304472-100 I/O Card, NGI
51304495-036 Cable, Kybd I/F
51304497-051 Cable, Kybd I/F
51304502-100 Cable, Trackball I/F
51304502-200 Cable, Trackball I/F
51304506-200 Cable, Printer Adapter, 4M
51304537-100 I/O Card, CNI, non-EC
51304537-200 I/O Card, CNI, EC
51304548-101 Paper Tray, ASPI 32 Printer
51304584-100 I/O Card, EPDGP
51304584-200 I/O Card, EPDGP
51304584-300 I/O Card, EPDGP, for Z-Console
51304585-400 Cable, DC Fan Power, 9.5 Ft
51304673-100A Cable, Trackball Switch, Left
51304673-200A Cable, Trackball Switch, Right
51304769-102 CBL, C/D DC PWR
51304769-103 CBL, C/D DC PWR
51304769-203 CBL, C/D DC PWR
51304769-303 CBL, C/D DC PWR
51304776-100 I/O Card, TP 485
51304776-200 CARD, IO TP485
51304776-300 CARD, IO TP485-3
51304776-400 CARD, IO TP485-4
51304780-100 AIR BAFLE
51304787-100 CABLE, I/F
51304789-100 I/O CARD I/F CBL
51304791-100 I/O Card, WSI
51304794-100 CABLE, WDA POWER
51304808-100 CABLE, WDA I/O
51304808-200 CBL, WDA I/O
51304812-100 I/O Card, EPLCI Adapter, non-EC
51304812-200 I/O Card, EPLCI Adapter, EC
51304814-100 PWB, TREND I/O
51304814-200 PWB, TREND I/O
51304831-100 I/O Card, TPDG
51304833-100 CABLE, SCSI I/O
51304842-100 CART I/F CABLE
51304842-200 C/D IF CBL X3000
51304854-200 CHANNEL SUPPORT
51304871-100 CABLE, RULA SCSI
51304871-300 RULA SCSI CABLE
51304872-100 RULA CABLE
51304875-100 SCSI ADP CBL 24IN
51304877-300 CORD, PWR TREND
51304878-300 Trend AC Power Cord, 240V
51304878-400 Trend AC Power Cord, 240V
51304880-300 Cable, Ferrite Printer
51304887-100 PRINTER I/C CBL
51304888-100 CABLE, MOUSE
51304899-100 SMT LED PWB
51304901-100 PWA, WDA
51304903-100 I/O Card, WDI, non-EC
51304903-200 I/O Card, WDI, EC
51304904-100 Flex Circuit
51304907-100 I/O Card, SPC II, non-EC
51304907-200 I/O Card, SPC II, EC
51304913-100 PWA, HDDT I/O
51304913-200 PWB, HDDT I/O
51304917-100 SERIAL PORT CABLE
51304918-100 CABLE, SCSI
51304921-100 Cable, Hard Drive DC Power
51304924-100 I/O Card, WSI 2, non-EC
51304924-200 I/O Card, WSI 2, EC
51304947-100 WSI 2R I/O
51304949-100 CABLE, SCSI
51305070-100 CBL,SCSI W/O DAT
51305070-102 CBL, SCSI
51305070-103 SCSI CBL
51305072-100 I/O Card, CLCN A/B, EC
51305072-200 I/O Card, CLCNA, EC
51305072-300 I/O Card, CLCNB, EC
51305072-400 I/O Card, CLCN A/B, non-EC
51305072-500 I/O Card, CLCNA, non-EC
51305072-600 I/O CArd, CLCNB, non-EC
51305072-700 I/O Card, CLCN A/B, EC
51305072-800 I/O Card, CLCNA, EC
51305072-900 I/O Card, CLCNB, EC
51305075-100 I/O Card, TPDGC, EC
51305088-100 I/O Card, SPC 3
51305282-100 EMI Blank Faceplate
51305282-200 EMI Blank Faceplate, EC
51305293-100 Face Plate, Blank EMI
51305306-100 Bracket, Pwr Entry
51305309-100 PWA, IKBM Z-Console
51305328-100 X-CEIVER CBL
51305334-100 Cover, MAU
51305339-100 ANNUNCIATOR CBL
51305366-100 Enclosure, WDA
51305409-500 Fiber Optic AC Power Cord 120VAC
51305410-500 Fiber Optic AC Power Cord 240VAC
51305419-100 IKB MOUSE CABLE
51305431-100 CABLE, GND
51305450-400 AC Power Cord, 4FT
51305450-500 AC Power Cord, 5ft
51305451-400 POWER CORD
51305469-800 TREND POWER CABLE
51305480-100 EMI DR BLNK ASSM
51305483-100 MNTG BRK ZIP DRIVE
51305488-100 Complex Strap, IKB/Classic, Blk, 1/8in
51305489-600 Power Cord, EC/Shielded, 240VAC
51305490-800 POWER CORD, EC/SHIELD 120V
51305508-200 PWA, XLCNE2 I/O, Multimode, CE
51305564-100 PS/S CABLE W/FERRITES
51305575-100 Front Bezel Aux Assy
51305722-001 Cable, Jumper 100 Micron, 1M
51305723-001 Cable, Dual 62.5mic Fiber Optic Jumper, 1m
51305723-002 Cable, Dual 62.5mic Fiber Optic Jumper, 2m
51305896-100 PWA, NIM Modem
51305896-200 PWA, NIM MODEM EC
51306194-100 Bracket, Cabinet Rear Rail, 1U for LCN Rittal Cab
51306194-400 Bracket, Cabinet Rear Rail, 4U for LCN Rittal Cab
51308012-100 PWB, PW DIST 120
51308014-100 PWR DIST PWB 240V
51308035-100 MANIFOLD BOARD
51308039-100 COVER MTG. BRACKET
51308047-100 Cable, Touchscreen I/F (Classic Console), 72in
51308050-100 A/C DIST. BRACKET
51308051-200 PS ENCL CBL
51308052-200 PS ENC AC CBL
51308054-100 AC P/E 120V CBL
51308056-100 TIE PLATE - IN LINE
51308058-100 Cable, Keyboard I/F, 16in
51308060-100 ENG KYBD I/F CBL
51308061-100 UCN TAP BRACKET
51308067-100 Cable, AC Power Entry, 240V
51308069-200 TREND PWR CBL 240V
51308070-200 CABLE, TREND PWR 120V
51308072-100 BEZEL BLANK PLATE
51308076-500 TREND REC I/F CABLE 15FT
51308077-300 CBL, TR I/F JMPR
51308077-301 CBL, TDR I/F
51308078-301 CBL, TP JMPR
51308079-300 TREND REC JMPR
51308079-301 TDR PWR JUMPER
51308082-100 MOUSE I/C CBL
51308083-200 CABLE, HD DRIVE
51308084-200 HD W/DAT CABLE
51308087-200 AC FAN POWER CABLE
51308092-200 Power Cord, AC 120/220
51308092-600 CBL, AC PWR 72IN
51308092-700 POWER CORD 120IN (EC)
51308093-500 CBL, AC PWR 48IN
51308093-600 CBL, AC PWR 72IN
51308093-800 POWER CORD 92IN (EC)
51308094-600 PWR CBL 220V 72IN CLASSIC FURN
51308097-100 IKB TO T/S CBL
51308098-100 CBL, TWR TO JWR
51308098-101 CBL, TP485 T-5
51308098-200 CBL, TWR TO TWR
51308098-201 CBL, TP485 T-T
51308099-100 CBL,EPDGC/MO 30IN
51308099-200 CBL,EPDGC/MO 36IN
51308099-300 CBL,EPDGC/MO 48IN
51308099-400 CBL,EPDGC/MO 21IN
51308102-100 CBL, TPDGC I/F
51308103-003 Cable, Printer, 3M, EC
51308103-015 Cable, Printer, 15M, EC
51308104-100 Cable, LCN Kybd, EC
51308105-100 Cable, Kybd I/F
51308105-200 Cable, Kybd I/F, 10ft
51308106-100 Cable, RS-232, 50ft, EC
51308110-100 Cable, Cartridge Drive Pwr
51308111-002 Cable Set, LCN Coax, 2M
51308112-003 Cable Set, LCN Coax, 3M
51308112-005 Cable Set, LCN Coax, 5M
51308112-008 Cable Set, LCN Coax, 8M
51308112-010 Cable Set, LCN Coax, 10M
51308112-015 Cable Set, LCN Coax, 15M
51308112-020 Cable Set, LCN Coax, 20M
51308112-025 Cable Set, LCN Coax, 25M
51308112-030 Cable Set, LCN Coax, 30M
51308112-040 Cable Set, Rate LCN, 40M
51308112-050 Cable Set, LCN Coax, 50M
51308112-075 Cable Set, LCN Coax, 75M
51308112-080 Cable Set, LCN Coax, 80M
51308112-100 Cable Set, LCN Coax, 100M
51308112-125 Cable Set, LCN Coax, 125M
51308112-150 Cable Set, LCN Coax, 150M
51308112-200 Cable Set, LCN Coax, 200M
51308112-250 Cable Set, LCN Coax, 250M
51308112-300 Cable Set, LCN Coax, 300M
51308113-102 Cable, Fiber Optic
51308115-100 Cable, Touchscreen I/F
51308117-100 Cable, Pwr Supply AC Pwr
51308118-100 Cable, DC Fan Pwr
51308119-100 CBL, TPDDC I/O
51308119-200 TP PGC I/O CBL
51308120-002 CBL, ENH CRT
51308120-003 CBL, CRT DATA
51308121-100 DIST HARNESS
51308123-100 CBL, SMART FRAME
51308123-200 SMT FRAME CBL
51308123-300 CBL, SMART FRAME
51308123-400 SMART FRAME CABLE E C
51308129-200 SN CART DRV PWR CBL
51308132-100 RULA SCSI CBL
51308132-200 RULA SCSI CBL
51308132-300 RULA SCSI CBL
51308134-100 DC TWR PR CBL
51308136-100 RULA XCVR CBL
51308137-200 RULA SCSI CBL
51308138-100 AUI THINK CBL EC
51400647-100 Fan Assy, 10 Slot
51400666-100 PWA, PIC
51400700-100 PWA, Data Hiway I/F
51400705-100 Shroud, w/Holes, White
51400705-200 Shroud, w/o Holes, White
51400705-300 Shroud, w/Holes, Beige
51400705-400 Shroud, w/o Holes, Beige
51400738-100 Table Support, Gooseneck, Black
51400756-100 Kybd, ABCDE Membrane
51400777-100 CRT MT CHASSIS
51400779-100 MTG BRCKT, U/T
51400781-100 Shroud, Full Upper Pod, White
51400781-200 Shroud, Full Upper Pod, Beige
51400782-100 Cover, Rear Upper CRT, Blue
51400782-200 Cover, Rear Upper CRT, Gray
51400783-100 Kybd Support, Eng
51400784-100 Kybd Tray, Classic Furniture
51400788-100 Cover, Fixed Eng Kybd, White
51400788-200 Cover, Fixed Eng Kybd, Beige
51400788-300 Cover, Fixed Eng Kybd, Black
51400792-100 Shroud, Half-pod, White
51400792-200 Shroud, Half-pod, Beige
51400793-100 HALF-POD R COVER
51400793-200 HALF HEIGHT COVER
51400812-100 TBL TOP SUPPORT
51400851-100 FLOPPY MTG SLIDE
51400851-200 FLOPPY MTG SLIDE
51400864-100 Bracket, Full Height, for Trend Pen, Side A
51400864-200 Bracket, Full Height, for Trend Pen, Side B
51400867-100 CRT TRAY
51400868-200 CRT PANEL SUPPOR
51400869-100 BLANK PANEL
51400870-100 BLANK HALF PANEL
51400870-200 Panel, Blank Full
51400901-100 PWA, EMPU
51400902-100 Touchscreen Bezel, Vertical
51400902-200 Touchscreen Bezel, Horizontal
51400978-100 PWA, 2MW HMPU
51400988-200 Smart Touchscreen, EC
51400989-400 Kybd, Operator, Classic
51400989-500 Keyboard, ABCDE Oper, EC
51400990-100 KEYBD, UNIV W.S.
51400993-100 Kybd, Operator
51400993-400 Kybd, Operator
51400997-100 PWA, PLCI Gateway
51400997-200 PWA, Enh PLCI Gateway
51401052-100 PWA, SPCI
51401070-100 PWA, AM Redundancy
51401072-300 PWA, QMEM 3MW
51401072-400 PWA, QMEM 4MW
51401074-100 Drive Tray, Floppy/Winchester Drives
51401288-100 PWA, HPK2-2MW
51401303-100A Hooter Assy, Classic Furn, 115V
51401303-200A HOOTER ASSM, CLASSIC FURN, 230V RG-PHA01-200
51401303-300A Hooter Assy, Z-Console, 115V
51401303-400A HOOTER ASSM, Z FURN, 230V RG-PHA01-400
51401437-100 Kybd, Enh ABCDEF Operator
51401437-300 Kybd, Enh QWERTY Operator
51401437-301 Kybd, Enh QWERTY Operator w/Alarm
51401437-400 Kybd, Enh QWERTY Supervisor
51401473-100 2 NODE FAN PWA
51401496-100 FAN ASSM, 2 NODE
51401551-200 PWA, K2LCN 2MW
51401551-201 PWA, K2LCN 2MW
51401570-100 PWA, Keyboard I/F
51401570-200 PWA, Keyboard I/F
51401577-100 QWERTY KYBD KIT
51401577-300 Operator Keyboard Assy
51401577-300 Operator Keyboard Assy
51401577-400 QWERTY KYB
51401577-600 Kybd, Operator, European Classic Furniture
51401583-100 PWA, Enhanced PNI
51401583-200 PWA, NGI
51401594-100 PWB, KJUMP(PCIM)
51401594-200 PWB, KJUMP
51401698-100 Keyboard Tray
51401746-100 Keyboard Bezel
51401914-100 PWA, GGSI (R400)
51401929-300 Drive Tray Assembly w/o Drives
51401952-100 PWA, Keyboard I/F
51401996-100 PWA, Enhanced AMR
51402030-100 WSI Assy, 16MB Memory
51402030-200 WSI Assy, 16MB Memory
51402089-100 PWA, EPDG2
51402172-100 Cardfile, Universal I/O, 5 Slot, EC
51402173-100 Cardfile, Universal I/O, 10 Slot, EC
51402176-100 Hard Drive Tray Assy
51402184-100 Pwr Supply Replacement Kit, Dual Node File
51402184-200 Pwr Supply Replacement Kit, 5 Slot File
51402184-300 Pwr Supply Replacement Kit, 10 Slot File
51402199-100 Cardfile, Enhanced 5 Slot
51402447-100 I/O Card, EPDGC, Classic Console
51402447-200 I/O Card, EPDGC, Z-Console
51402454-100 I/O Card Cage, Dual Node
51402455-100 Card File, Dual Node w/Fan Assy, Classic/Cabinet, EC
51402457-200 Card File, Dual Node w/Fan Assy, Z Console, EC
51402492-100 10 SLT MOD COVER
51402615-200 PWA, K2LCN 2MW
51402619-230 PWR ENTRY BOX, 230V
51402682-300 CONNECTOR
51402682-500 Connector Plate
51402683-200 DISK DR PANEL W/O C UTOUT
51402684-100 Facade Panel w/Cutout
51402689-100 Mounting Bracket, Intercolor CRT
51402690-100 Drive Tray, UWS Cartridge Drive
51402706-100 Drive Plate
51402707-100 Drive Box Top
51402708-100 Drive Box Base
51402709-100 Drive Box Plate
51402711-100 Drive Tray
51402712-100 Mounting Bracket, NIM Tap
51402714-100 DRV ENCL CLASSIC EC
51402716-100 R/PNL ENCL CLASSIC EC
51402718-100 UPPER DRV MTG PNL E C
51402719-100 IKB SHELF FRAME
51402720-100 IKB CABLE COVER
51402721-100 IKB DRIVE FACADE
51402721-200 IKB DRIVE FACADE
51402724-100 BRKT, MAU/NIM MTG
51402745-100 BRACKET LH
51402745-200 BRACKET RH
51402763-100 Bottom Plate, IKB
51403005-100 Window Bezel
51403012-100 Bottom Cover
51403013-100 Hinged Cover
51403015-100 Cover, Rear, CRT
51403027-200 Leg Cover, Medium, Old Style w/Fasteners
51403027-201 Leg Cover, Medium, Old Style w/Fasteners
51403027-400 Leg Cover, Medium Long
51403027-500 Leg Cover, Medium Medium
51403027-600 Leg Cover, Medium Short
51403030-100 OEP BEZEL
51403056-100 Blank OEP Insert
51403064-100 Enclosure, Engineering Kybd
51403070-100 Mounting Bracket, CRT
51403095-100 CRT Shroud
51403095-200 CRT Shroud
51403100-100 Pwr Supply Enclosure
51403117-100 ASSY, CARD FILE ENCL
51403149-100 EMI SHIELD
51403152-100 REAR DN COVER
51403165-400 OEP Assy, EC
51403178-100 REAR COVER PLATE
51403190-100 CRT Mount, 15 Degree, Heavy
51403191-100 CRT Mount, 30 Degree, Heavy
51403224-200 LCNP PWA Bracket
51403366-100 Tray, WDA Drive
51403519-160 K4SDR 16 MW
51403645-400 DRIVE ASSY, SGL SBHM
51403776-100 PWA, LCNP4M
51404367-200 UCN FRONT PLATE
51450150-100 Kybd Bezel
51450151-100 Blank Kybd Bezel
78140531-001 Carriage Assy
80360211-200 PWA, 3/4MW Memory
80362958-001 OEP Flip Legs
51190624-902 Connector, Mini-Jump
51190584-230 Fuse, 3 Amp Slo-Blow
30754661-011 Fuse, Subminiature, .25 Amp
30754661-014 FUSE, MICRO .5A
30754661-021 Fuse, 2 Amp
30754661-022 FUSE, 125V V/FA MICRO FUSE 3A
83957061-004 FUSE, 1.6 AMP
83957061-003 FUSE 1.0 AMP
83957061-002 Fuse, 0.5 Amp
42602252-100 Connector, MTL SPCON01, Yellow
51109541-100 Markhon Air Filter, 15.5in x 24in
51190516-122 Relay, Solid State DC/Out (Red)
51109559-100 Cable Assy, Power Cage
51404385-200 Bracket, Panel Mount, LH
8420-BK-MO Field I/O Module Blanking Cover, Set of 2
51404385-100 Bracket, Panel Mount, RH
8430-TS-MO Tag Strip Kit
42623233-001 Cable, HART/FTA, 70cm
42623233-002 Cable, HART/FTA, 90cm
51109896-100 Ground Strap, Rittal
51197103-114 KIT, RETROFIT 2003-01 UPIU FW REV E
51190102-300 250 Ohm Dummy Resistor

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