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Right-angle gear reducer / for belt conveyors / multi-stage

Categories B series Helical Bevel Industrial Gearbox
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: FLK
Certification: ISO9001-2008
Model Number: B series (Flender Standard)
MOQ: 10
Price: 100
Delivery Time: 15 DAYS
Payment Terms: TT
Supply Ability: 50000 SETS/MONTH
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Right-angle gear reducer / for belt conveyors / multi-stage

B series helical bevel gear unit has compact structure, flexible design, outstanding performance, and multiple standard options to meet clients specific application requirements.

Product Characteristics:
(1)Large torque range, capable of horizontal mounting and vertical mounting.
(2)High-efficiency and long life-span, high permissible axial and radial loads.
(3)Low noise, high reliability and compact structure and so on.
(4)Output shafts type: solid shaft, hollow shaft and hollow shaft with shrink disk.
(5)Low noise, high reliability and compact structure.


Torque Range6100~900000N.m
Rated Power4~5000KW
  • Foot -mounted
  • Flange-mounted
  • Shaft-mounted
Output Mode
  • Solid shaft (single and double extension)
  • Keyed hollow shaft
  • Shrink disc
Input Mode
  • Solid shaft
  • Motor adapter
  • Fan, cooling coil, cooler, auxiliary fuel tank
  • Independent cooling system
  • Backstop
  • Auxiliary drive
2 Stages
  • B2SH4, B2SH5, B2SH6, B2SH7, B2SH8, B2SH9, B2SH10, B2SH11, B2SH12, B2SH13, B2SH14, B2SH15, B2SH16, B2SH17, B2SH18
  • B2SV4, B2SV5, B2SV6, B2SV7, B2SV8, B2SV9, B2SV10, B2SV11, B2SV12, B2SV13, B2SV14, B2SV15, B2SV16, B2SV17, B2SV18
  • B2HH4, B2HH5, B2HH6, B2HH7, B2HH8, B2HH9, B2HH10, B2HH11, B2HH12, B2HH13, B2HH14, B2HH15, B2HH16, B2HH17, B2HH18
  • B2HV4, B2HV5, B2HV6, B2HV7, B2HV8, B2HV9, B2HV10, B2HV11, B2HV12, B2HV13, B2HV14, B2HV15, B2HV16, B2HV17, B2HV18
  • B2HM4, B2HM5, B2HM6, B2HM7, B2HM8, B2HM9, B2HM10, B2HM11, B2HM12, B2HM13, B2HM14, B2HM15, B2HM16, B2HM17, B2HM18,
  • B2DH4, B2DH5, B2DH6, B2DH7, B2DH8, B2DH9, B2DH10, B2DH11, B2DH12, B2DH13, B2DH14, B2DH15, B2DH16, B2DH17, B2DH18
  • B2DV4, B2DV5, B2DV6, B2DV7, B2DV8, B2DV9, B2DV10, B2DV11, B2DV12, B2DV13, B2DV14, B2DV15, B2DV16, B2DV17, B2DV18
  • B2DM4, B2DM5, B2DM6, B2DM7, B2DM8, B2DM9, B2DM10, B2DM11, B2DM12, B2DM13, B2DM14, B2DM15, B2DM16, B2DM17, B2DM18
  • B2KH4, B2KH5, B2KH6, B2KH7, B2KH8, B2KH9, B2KH10, B2KH11, B2KH12, B2KH13, B2KH14, B2KH15, B2KH16, B2KH17, B2KH18
  • B2KV4, B2KV5, B2KV6, B2KV7, B2KV8, B2KV9, B2KV10, B2KV11, B2KV12, B2KV13, B2KV14, B2KV15, B2KV16, B2KV17, B2KV18
  • B2KM4, B2KM5, B2KM6, B2KM7, B2KM8, B2KM9, B2KM10, B2KM11, B2KM12, B2KM13, B2KM14, B2KM15, B2KM16, B2KM17, B2KM18
  • B2FH4, B2FH5, B2FH6, B2FH7, B2FH8, B2FH9, B2FH10, B2FH11, B2FH12, B2FH13, B2FH14, B2FH15, B2FH16, B2FH17, B2FH18, B2FH19
  • B2FV4, B2FV5, B2FV6, B2FV7, B2FV8, B2FV9, B2FV10, B2FV11, B2FV12, B2FV13, B2FV14, B2FV15, B2FV16, B2FV17, B2FV18, B2FV19
  • B2FM4, B2FM5, B2FM6, B2FM7, B2FM8, B2FM9, B2FM10, B2FM11, B2FM12, B2FM13, B2FM14, B2FM15, B2FM16, B2FM17, B2FM18
3 Stages
  • B3SH4, B3SH5, B3SH6, B3SH7, B3SH8, B3SH9, B3SH10, B3SH11, B3SH12, B3SH13, B3SH14, B3SH15, B3SH16, B3SH17, B3SH18, B3SH19, B3SH20, B3SH21, B3SH22, B3SH23, B3SH24, B3SH25, B3SH26
  • B3SV4, B3SV5, B3SV6, B3SV7, B3SV8, B3SV9, B3SV10, B3SV11, B3SV12, B3SV13, B3SV14, B3SV15, B3SV16, B3SV17, B3SV18, B3SV19, B3SV20, B3SV21, B3SV22, B3SV23, B3SV24, B3SV25, B3SV26
  • B3HH4, B3HH5, B3HH6, B3HH7, B3HH8, B3HH9, B3HH10, B3HH11, B3HH12, B3HH13, B3HH14, B3HH15, B3HH16, B3HH17, B3HH18, B3HH19, B3HH20, B3HH21, B3HH22, B3HH23, B3HH24, B3HH25, B3HH26
  • B3HV4, B3HV5, B3HV6, B3HV7, B3HV8, B3HV9, B3HV10, B3HV11, B3HV12, B3HV13, B3HV14, B3HV15, B3HV16, B3HV17, B3HV18, B3HV19, B3HV20, B3HV21, B3HV22, B3HV23, B3HV24, B3HV25, B3HV26
  • B3HM4, B3HM5, B3HM6, B3HM7, B3HM8, B3HM9, B3HM10, B3HM11, B3HM12, B3HM13, B3HM14, B3HM15, B3HM16, B3HM17, B3HM18, B3HM19, B3HM20, B3HM21, B3HM22, B3HM23, B3HM24, B3HM25, B3HM26
  • B3DH4, B3DH5, B3DH6, B3DH7, B3DH8, B3DH9, B3DH10, B3DH11, B3DH12, B3DH13, B3DH14, B3DH15, B3DH16, B3DH17, B3DH18, B3DH19, B3DH20, B3DH21, B3DH22, B3DH23, B3DH24, B3DH25, B3DH26
  • B3DV4, B3DV5, B3DV6, B3DV7, B3DV8, B3DV9, B3DV10, B3DV11, B3DV12, B3DV13, B3DV14, B3DV15, B3DV16, B3DV17, B3DV18, B3DV19, B3DV20, B3DV21, B3DV22, B3DV23, B3DV24, B3DV25, B3DV26
  • B3DM4, B3DM5, B3DM6, B3DM7, B3DM8, B3DM9, B3DM10, B3DM11, B3DM12, B3DM13, B3DM14, B3DM15, B3DM16, B3DM17, B3DM18, B3DM19, B3DM20, B3DM21, B3DM22, B3DM23, B3DM24, B3DM25, B3DM26
  • B3KH4, B3KH5, B3KH6, B3KH7, B3KH8, B3KH9, B3KH10, B3KH11, B3KH12, B3KH13, B3KH14, B3KH15, B3KH16, B3KH17, B3KH18, B3KH19, B3KH20, B3KH21, B3KH22, B3KH23, B3KH24, B3KH25, B3KH26
  • B3KV4, B3KV5, B3KV6, B3KV7, B3KV8, B3KV9, B3KV10, B3KV11, B3KV12, B3KV13, B3KV14, B3KV15, B3KV16, B3KV17, B3KV18, B3KV19, B3KV20, B3KV21, B3KV22, B3KV23, B3KV24, B3KV25, B3KV26
  • B3KM4, B3KM5, B3KM6, B3KM7, B3KM8, B3KM9, B3KM10, B3KM11, B3KM12, B3KM13, B3KM14, B3KM15, B3KM16, B3KM17, B3KM18, B3KM19, B3KM20, B3KM21, B3KM22, B3KM23, B3KM24, B3KM25, B3KM26
  • B3FH4, B3FH5, B3FH6, B3FH7, B3FH8, B3FH9, B3FH10, B3FH11, B3FH12, B3FH13, B3FH14, B3FH15, B3FH16, B3FH17, B3FH18, B3FH19, B3FH20, B3FH21, B3FH22, B3FH23, B3FH24, B3FH25, B3FH26
  • B3FV4, B3FV5, B3FV6, B3FV7, B3FV8, B3FV9, B3FV10, B3FV11, B3FV12, B3FV13, B3FV14, B3FV15, B3FV16, B3FV17, B3FV18, B3FV19, B3FV20, B3FV21, B3FV22, BH3FV23, B3FV24, B3FV25, B3FV26
  • B3FM4, B3FM5, B3FM6, B3FM7, B3FM8, B3FM9, B3FM10, B3FM11, B3FM12, B3FM13, B3FM14, B3FM15, B3FM16, B3FM17, B3FM18, B3FM19, B3FM20, B3FM21, B3FM22, B3FM23, B3FM24, B3FM25, B3FM26
4 Stages
  • B4SH4, B4SH5, B4SH6, B4SH7, B4SH8, B4SH9, B4SH10, B4SH11, B4SH12, B4SH13, B4SH14, B4SH15, B4SH16, B4SH17, B4SH18, B4SH19, B4SH20, B4SH21, B4SH22, B4SH23, B4SH24, B4SH25, B4SH26
  • B4SV4, B4SV5, B4SV6, B4SV7, B4SV8, B4SV9, B4SV10, B4SV11, B4SV12, B4SV13, B4SV14, B4SV15, B4SV16, B4SV17, B4SV18, B4SV19, B4SV20, B4SV21, B4SV22, B4SV23, B4SV24, B4SV25, B4SV26
  • B4HH4, B4HH5, B4HH6, B4HH7, B4HH8, B4HH9, B4HH10, B4HH11, B4HH12, B4HH13, B4HH14, B4HH15, B4HH16, B4HH17, B4HH18, B4HH19, B4HH20, B4HH21, B4HH22, B4HH23, B4HH24, B4HH25, B4HH26
  • B4HV4, B4HV5, B4HV6, B4HV7, B4HV8, B4HV9, B4HV10, B4HV11, B4HV12, B4HV13, B4HV14, B4HV15, B4HV16, B4HV17, B4HV18, B4HV19, B4HV20, B4HV21, B4HV22, B4HV23, B4HV24, B4HV25, B4HV26
  • B4HM4, B4HM5, B4HM6, B4HM7, B4HM8, B4HM9, B4HM10, B4HM11, B4HM12, B4HM13, B4HM14, B4HM15, B4HM16, B4HM17, B4HM18, B4HM19, B4HM20, B4HM21, B4HM22, B4HM23, B4HM24, B4HM25, B4HM26
  • B4DH4, B4DH5, B4DH6, B4DH7, B4DH8, B4DH9, B4DH10, B4DH11, B4DH12, B4DH13, B4DH14, B4DH15, B4DH16, B4DH17, B4DH18, B4DH19, B4DH20, B4DH21, B4DH22, B4DH23, B4DH24, B4DH25, B4DH26
  • B4DV4, B4DV5, B4DV6, B4DV7, B4DV8, B4DV9, B4DV10, B4DV11, B4DV12, B4DV13, B4DV14, B4DV15, B4DV16, B4DV17, B4DV18, B4DV19, B4DV20, B4DV21, B4DV22, B4DV23, B4DV24, B4DV25, B4DV26
  • B4DM4, B4DM5, B4DM6, B4DM7, B4DM8, B4DM9, B4DM10, B4DM11, B4DM12, B4DM13, B4DM14, B4DM15, B4DM16, B4DM17, B4DM18, B4DM19, B4DM20, B4DM21, B4DM22, B4DM23, B4DM24, B4DM25, B4DM26
  • B4KH4, B4KH5, B4KH6, B4KH7, B4KH8, B4KH9, B4KH10, B4KH11, B4KH12, B4KH13, B4KH14, B4KH15, B4KH16, B4KH17, B4KH18, B4KH19, B4KH20, B4KH21, B4KH22, B4KH23, B4KH24, B4KH25, B4KH26
  • B4KV4, B4KV5, B4KV6, B4KV7, B4KV8, B4KV9, B4KV10, B4KV11, B4KV12, B4KV13, B4KV14, B4KV15, B4KV16, B4KV17, B4KV18, B4KV19, B4KV20, B4KV21, B4KV22, B4KV23, B4KV24, B4KV25, B4KV26
  • B4KM4, B4KM5, B4KM6, B4KM7, B4KM8, B4KM9, B4KM10, B4KM11, B4KM12, B4KM13, B4KM14, B4KM15, B4KM16, B4KM17, B4KM18, B4KM19, B4KM20, B4KM21, B4KM22, B4KM23, B4KM24, B4KM25, B4KM26
  • B4FH4, B4FH5, B4FH6, B4FH7, B4FH8, B4FH9, B4FH10, B4FH11, B4FH12, B4FH13, B4FH14, B4FH15, B4FH16, B4FH17, B4FH18, B4FH19, B4FH20, B4FH21, B4FH22, B4FH23, B4FH24, B4FH25, B4FH26
  • B4FV4, B4FV5, B4FV6, B4FV7, B4FV8, B4FV9, B4FV10, B4FV11, B4FV12, B4FV13, B4FV14, B4FV15, B4FV16, B4FV17, B4FV18, B4FV19, B4FV20, B4FV21, B4FV22, BH4FV23, B4FV24, B4FV25, B4FV26
  • B4FM4, B4FM5, B4FM6, B4FM7, B4FM8, B4FM9, B4FM10, B4FM11, B4FM12, B4FM13, B4FM14, B4FM15, B4FM16, B4FM17, B4FM18, B4FM19, B4FM20, B4FM21, B4FM22, B4FM23, B4FM24, B4FM25, B4FM26

Quality Right-angle gear reducer / for belt conveyors / multi-stage for sale
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