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New energy hydrogen fuel-cell oxygen flow field (ti), ozone generator (titanium

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New energy hydrogen fuel-cell oxygen flow field (ti), ozone generator (titanium

The fuel cell bipolar plate surface with titanium Cr-TiN-Ti conductivity and corrosion resistance of composite coatings

Corrugated sheet metal porous after a mold made of a metal powder by pressing and sintering temperature, using its unique technology and by strict control of each step of the production process (including the distribution of the powder particles, forming and sintering), with high mechanical strength, high temperature , good corrosion resistance, uniform pore size distribution, permeability, washable renewable, welding and machining etc. can. By adjusting the powder particle size and process conditions, it is possible to produce a wide range of filtration precision sintered porous metal filter. Due to the porous sintered metal powder material has many advantages, such products are widely used in the catalyst recycling, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, beverages, food, metallurgy, petroleum, environmental protection, fermentation gas-liquid filtration and separation, such as: liquid , coarse filter oils, beverages, mineral water and other liquids and fine filter; a variety of gases, dust steam sterilization, in addition to oil mist; silencers, flame, gas buffering. Manufacturers porous corrugated sheet metal shelf, customers are welcome to inquire.

Metal porous corrugated board product features:

1) The shape stability, shock and alternating load capacity is superior to other metal filtration materials; 2) permeability, separation stability;

3) excellent mechanical strength, suitable for high temperature, high pressure and corrosive environments; 4) is particularly suitable for high temperature gas filtration;

5) according to user requirements of various shapes and precision products, also with a variety of interfaces by welding.

Corrugated sheet metal microporous Main Application examples:

1) the catalyst was filtered and recovery; 2) high temperature gas filtration petrochemicals; 3) high temperature flue gas purification of metallurgical industry;

4) solid in the fluidized bed exhaust dust recovery;

5) thermal power, nuclear power industry, dust and exhaust gas purification

an industrial high pure titanium powder (99.6%, 0.4% of titanium: nitrogen, potassium, iron, manganese, etc.) as raw materials, sub-screen, after cold isostatic pressing, high-temperature, high-vacuum sintering porous titanium filter element.


1, uniform structure, narrow pore size distribution, high separation efficiency.

2, high porosity, filtration resistance of small, high penetration efficiency.

3, high temperature, generally below 280 degrees normal use.

4, good chemical stability, acid corrosion, have antioxidant properties.

5, no particle shedding, not to dope the formation of secondary pollution, in line with food hygiene and pharmaceutical GMP requirements.

6, good mechanical properties, can be filter press filtration, easy to operate.

7, the pressure is low, small footprint, large flow.

8, anti-microbial ability, not the role of the microbes occur.

9, the molding process is good, the overall length of up to 1000 mm without welding.

10, available online renewable, easy to clean, long service life (typically several times the membrane cartridge)


Titanium filter for its unique properties, can be widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, water treatment industry, food industry, biological engineering, chemical industry, petrochemical industry, metallurgical industry and gas purification. It is a broad prospect of development of new materials.

Typical uses include:

1, the security transfusion pharmaceutical industry, small injections, eye drops, oral part of the de-concentrated with carbon filter and dilute with links in the terminal before filtration filter.

2, raw material drug production process impurities filtration, carbon filtration and removal of material fine filter.

3, the security industry in the ultrafiltration water treatment, RO, EDI system filtration, ozone sterilizing filtration and ozone aeration.

4, food and beverage in the beverage, liquor, beer, vegetable oil, mineral water, soy sauce, vinegar clarification and filtration.

5, chemical industry liquid products, recycling liquid feedstock, off carbon filter and precision filter pharmaceutical intermediates, fine body ultrafine catalyst, precision filtration and adsorption systems after conducting oil resin, cleaning materials, filtration, catalytic gas purification.

6, oil field water filter, reverse osmosis desalination security before filtration.

7, high temperature dye industry DECARBONISATION, off white persons filtering.

8, the gas purification steam, compressed air, the catalyst was filtered.


Titanium filter element is the use of titanium powder as raw material, powder grade, molding, sintering, mechanical welding and other processes made a new and efficient porous filter material, its porosity and filtration accuracy can be carried out within a fairly wide range adjustment, is widely used in self-lubricating, filtration, separation, catalysis, Flamebane, heat exchange, thermal electrons and gas distribution, and other fields.

Main purposes: for gas, liquid filtration and gas distribution. Filtration precision: 0.22 ~ 50μm diameter: 30 ~ 80mm length: 100 ~ 1000mm (special specifications can be customized)

Filter principle: Titanium filter is a porous filter material titanium metal powder metallurgy method made its internal porosity bent configuration, criss-cross, uniform pore size distribution, filtering mechanism typical depth filtration.

Performance: This product is resistant to corrosion, high temperature, high strength, filtration precision easy assurance, easy regeneration, excellent performance; titanium filter is made by forming a titanium powder sintered at high temperature, it is easy to fall off the surface of the particles; use in air temperatures up to 500 ~ 600 ℃; for a variety of filtration of corrosive media, such as: hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, hydroxide, water, aqua regia and iron, copper, sodium chloride solution and filtered. It has excellent mechanical properties, can be cutting, welding, machining, large compressive strength, internal pressure above the breaking strength of up 2MPa; its filtration precision easy assurance, work, aperture does not deform even under high temperature and pressure. Porosity of up to 35 to 45%, pore size distribution, pollutant carrying capacity, and simple regeneration method, can be reused after regeneration.

Applications: widely used titanium filter element following aspects:

1. Applied to the liquid-solid, gas-solid separation

--- Liquid-solid separation:

Electronic industry; prefilter RO system, deionized water pre-filtering system

Food industry: beverages, brewing wine, mineral water and other filters.

Petrochemical industry: petroleum products terminal filtration and chemical filtration of liquid carbon base, recovering the organic solution of alcohol filtration, heavy coker gas oil filter, monitor hydrogen cracking cycle oil filter.

Environmental protection and sewage treatment:

Pharmaceutical industry: large infusion, injection, no brine decarburization filtration, desalination.

---- Gas solid separation

All kinds of air compressor oil filter impurities in the air;

In beer, pharmaceuticals, brewing industry sterile air filter;

Aviation and transport in high-pressure air filtration;

Mixed synthetic and purification of gas;

The pharmaceutical industry acidic gases dry dust;

Oil industry gas filtration and catalytic gas filtration;

Cryogenic gas in the oil and gas industry, environmental protection dust;

2. Petrochemical filtration applications workmanship:

For the recovery of the catalyst, the solution was purified recovered, refined copper refining, esters, amines production process.

Catalyst recovery for ethylene glycol, phthalic anhydride and other technology, refined products.

In dimethyl terephthalate process for refining and filtration to remove fine particles of activated carbon.

3. Application of fine chemical filtration process:

In the process for the recovery of precious metal catalyst synthesis of vitamin A, E and other pharmaceutical intermediates in.

Production of rosin derivatives, process linalool and spices derivative for recovering precious metal catalysts.

For the recovery of precious metal catalyst in the production of Yun alkyl amines and piperidine class process.

4. Fine filtration in food industry applications:

Refined for industrial steam, and sugar and alcohol fine filter.

Used in beer production process residual yeast, diatomaceous earth filter out.

For removing and recycling the hydrogenation catalyst in a variety of industries.

5. Environmental and sampling in the application:

Net filter for a variety of liquids, particulate solids enrichment.

For high-temperature flue gas dust filtered, net filter gas and liquid sampling points.

Net filter for gas chromatographic analysis, fluid samples.

6. Filtration plant in the application:

Porous dielectric isolation for ion exchange resins and desalinated water is used.

For the spent ion exchange resin was filtered off and collected.

7. Electronics industry fine filtration applications:

Deionized water purification for industrial, phosphorus fluid purification.

Refined powder slurry for tape, high-speed printer ink refined.

8. Textile industry fine filtration applications:

For fine filtration synthetic fiber monomers and polymers.

Spinning head for supporting the filter.

Namesintere titanium filter cartridge
Filtration precision98% filtration accuracy under:0.1-80um


Width:less than 340mm

Lngth:less than 1000mm


1.High pressure filter medium,oilfield oil sands separation

2.Machinery,ship,fuel,lubricating oil,hydraulic start oil filter

3.Chemical industry,chemical plants process

4.High temperature gas dust removal,filter food,medical filter

5.Water treatment and dstributin,gas distrbtion system and the fluidized

Filter rating0.2um-80um

1.function:water filter

2.filter fineness:0.22-100 micron

3.temperature resistant:300oC(wet state)

4.completely interhangeable with original element

5.easy to instal

6.wide range of tpesare available

7.any sze

8.sample is avaliabe

9.energy efficient filters

10.high intergrity design to save your space

11.OEM produc is welcome

12.Usage:liquid filter,water filter

Work environment

1.Nitric aci,sulfuric acid,acetic acid,oxalic acid,phosphoric acid,5% hydrochloric acid

2.Molten sodium,hydrogen,nitrogen,hydrogen sulfide.

3.Acetylene,water,vapor,hydrogen,gas,carbon dioxide gas evronmet

sintered titanium filter shows:

Quality New energy hydrogen fuel-cell oxygen flow field (ti), ozone generator (titanium for sale
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